Mock Driving Assessments

Mock Driving Assessments

Waiting times for driving tests are a protracted process at present. We are conscious many candidates simply book a test, often at short notice, before even finding someone to train with. We have never offered short notice driving tests (they usually just don’t achieve the desired result) but feel that the offer and experience of a mock test can be invaluable. It will provide the information as to how ready a student is to pass their driving test. This is important as beyond the practical test you need to be competent and above all safe on the road. There are no short cuts to this! 

I must emphasise that we will offer Mock Tests but not agree to provide one of our cars for the actual practical test. If a student is prepared to undertake any remedial training after a mock test, and any test booking date is realistic, in those circumstances we can offer our services for a practical driving test. We do have to restrict this to local enquires.

Both our refresher lessons and mock tests are usually offered for a full 1.5 or 2 hour session, and are on a one to one basis. Whilst we can offer a door to door service, our sessions do need to focus within the busier Newport, Cowes, East Cowes Wootton, Ryde and Bay areas. 

Mock Driving Assessment Fees

1.5 hour mock test – £ 55.00

2 hour mock test  – £ 75.00

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