Update on Driving Lessons Covid 19


Update on Driving Lessons Covid 19

As we have done from the start of the pandemic your instructor will sanitise all car controls between lessons and where appropriate masks should be worn.

In normal circumstances your instructor is allowed to sit in on driving tests, but the pandemic has changed that for the time being. Test candidates are currently met at the car by the examiner and beyond that the test operates as usual. One difference is that should a major fault occur, the test will conclude early and return immediately to the test centre.

With many months of driving tests not taking place, there is now a backlog. Students with forthcoming tests are taking top priority, in many cases there being lessons to catch up on. Theory tests have also been affected during the lockdown and we aim to manage an appropriate number of lessons with pupils who are some way into their driving course but have yet to pass their theory test. Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to manage this unprecedented situation.

We are unable to offer Intense Driving Lesson Courses at present.

Updates will be posted on the Wight Drive Facebook page, rather than on this website.

The most important thing is that we all STAY SAFE.

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